Staff Application

You will be filling out an application to become apart of the staff team.

There are requirements for becoming a staff member on the network. Please read the following paragraphs over and make your application is up to par with our standards. If you do not read everything or submit more than one submission, your application will be automatically denied. If your application is accepted, it will be shown as a label on your application. Do not message any staff member regarding your application, you will automatically be put on the blacklist for staff applications; meaning you have no chance of getting staff.

Moderator, you must meet at least 3 requirements:
• Basic Knowledge of Moderating
• Communication & Understanding
• Proper Grammar & Spelling
• Prior Knowledge with Communities

Developer, you must meet at least three of the requirements:
• Experienced in Java 8
• Experience with Spigot API
• Github Account or Linkable Spigot/Bukkit Account

You don't have to read the following, but this is what it will look like if you are accepted and what rules you have to follow. As a staff member of Evolution, you abide by these following rules and guidelines. You may not use, modify, redistribute, give, show, or leak this document outside of the Evolution staff team; doing so will result in a permanent ban on the network as well as a termination of your staff position. You still must follow all network-wide rules as well as server specific rules that are specified on the server, Discord, or our website. Failure to do so will result in a verbal warning and the second offense will result in the termination of your staff position. If you are a moderator of factions, there is a limit of 2 staff members per faction. If you are a moderator of skyblock, there is a limit of 1 staff member per island. If there are more than the given limit; a verbal warning will be given. Failure to act will result in the termination of your staff position. Abuse of power will not be tolerated. Using your power with a malicious intent such as kicking players, banning players and unbanning them right after, stalking players, planting fake evidence, using staff commands to boost yourself or muting them for an unreasonable amount of time as a will result in termination of your staff position and possible permanent ban from the network. If you are a moderator of factions and use your powers to teleport to enemies, using spectator mode, or do anything that benefits you and your faction’s gameplay, your whole faction will be suspended from earning any faction season payouts and you as a staff member; your staff position will be automatically terminated followed by a permanent ban on the network. You may not use your staff position as a way to promote politics, religion, drugs, substance abuse, pornography, self-harm, services or products, businesses, websites, servers, or anything that will damage the community and or server’s reputation; doing so will result in a verbal warning followed by a meeting with your server manager and or network administrators. You must serve at least 4 hours a week as a staff member and moderate your designated game mode whether it be dungeons, factions, kitpvp, or skyblock. Playing the game mode and moderating is completely fine, but do not be AFK. Exceptions will be made if you message a network administrator. Do not disclose any staff activity to the public such as a player’s offense history, what is being said in staff meetings, or any staff related commands. You will automatically be put on a blacklist for applying for staff as well as the termination of your staff position.

Other than that, good luck with your staff application and hopefully we hope to see you on the staff team in the near future.