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Hi, I found this server off of a server list, and its looking quite neat! One block skyblock is my favorite.

Thank you! Its been a long time in development, if you have any questions please feel free to ask. 😁

8 months ago


Im a mod for kitpvp

We will be adding the Mod ranks closer to release. Just going to have to wait sorry.

10 months ago


add t00p nukes which is a spawner that constantly drops tnt


Na, thats a factions thing lol


10 months ago

Skyblock is looking to please the community in any way possible, so I've decided to let you the commuinty choose what we should add in the buycraft shop first. Please respond with what you'd like to see be added. 😁

Possible BuyCraft Items

1: Automated Farms: These Farms would only work if you are in close proximity of them and they have a max storage space of 3 inventories. The tick speed is faster buy 50%

2: Automated Generators: These are generators that have a cooldown but they respawn with the exact same ore every time; Ex: The emerald generator has a repsawn time of 2 minutes.

3: Boom or Bust: These are "Crates" that have a 50/50 chance of giving you good items or not so good items. Simple right? 

If y'all have any other ideas to be put into the shop please leave them below!

Hype June 18th 🎉

10 months ago


What is Insiding yourself?

Basically Fake insiding so you can gain an advantage.

10 months ago