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Also what about the homes thing duck will they be removed enemy territory.
- They will not be removed, but they will not be able to teleport to it.

Neutral will not be allowed since an enemy faction member can leave the faction, then return to the home. However, wilderness is an exception. Anyone can teleport to wilderness.

To counter your issue why dont you make it so when someone leaves a faction their homes get deleted that are inside any claims so if you somehow got a home inside another factions base you can still go to it but until you are enemied

9 months ago


I feel like you should be able to move items you raid during the raid since you got them fair and square. It give the defending faction more time to save other stuff and the raiding faction more for what they came for.

I disagree with this because it just defeats the point of raiding. You raid to gain and steal other factions items and spawners to gain more f top value. if you could move items there would be no point in raiding because only the raiders would have stuff to lose e.g god sets. It just seems like a really bad idea to allow it. 

Also what about the homes thing duck will they be removed enemy territory. Although i believe if its allied or neutral it should be allowed because in allied bases it would depend on what the faction set the permissions to be for the faction with the home inside. If its neutral its like Wilderness it would make no sense for people not to be able to set homes in neutral because it means you cant have unclaimed hidden bases. or have homes near bases you are scouting. If someone has a home inside your base just enemy them and they wont be able to set a home there anymore. Also if you are in Wilderness base faction you shouldnt be able to set homes inside any claimed area.

tell me if im wrong. im not too sure about the wilderness stuff

9 months ago

A suggestion:

Make homes inside enemy bases dissappear after 1 hour so enemies cant have homes in your base forever e.g. if you get insided. It would make the whole base unusable.

9 months ago

I disagree i think that bees should be a pet in dungeons and should help you fight the bosses. The bees are cute and helpful. they could even allow you to fly, bees are the most superior pet other than wolf in mc

9 months ago

yes add dark mode it would fit well with the banner, also make the banner clickable that sends you to the front of the forums

9 months ago