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I'm having alot of trouble beating spindora. I keep trying and trying but i just cant kill her, way to OP and NEEDS a nerf. I keep using the hermes set and and just still can't beat spindora. Maybe i should grind for a new set? What a good set to use for this boss.

6 months ago

Cant wait for that 400$ #TemperOnTop
Dont worry outbreak im sure you guys are ok with 200$\

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Here you go,


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Age: 15

Do you have a mic? (not required) yeah

How active can you be? all day every day baby

Rate your Pvp: 8/10

Rate your Raiding Skills: 9/10

Rate Your Base Building Skills: 10/10

Why do you want to join us? fuck temper those hoes lame im outta there

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