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Ahem, just message me and Outbreak will win with you! ^ He doesn't know what he is talking about.

Adrian895#1146 if u wana join my faction ty 

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8 months ago

Hello Evolutionmc players! If you're looking for a fun and competitve faction that has benefits you're in the right spot. Here in outbreak we've got a tight community of players from all different types of servers, all experienced players. We also like to teach newer players the ins and outs of Factions. We have things like weekly promotions every friday, game nights, raids, and other times where where we can bond and enjoy time together. If you want to join a faction that will compete with the best of the best, Outbreak is for you. There are no requirements, we just hope you stay active, the top prize will be 250$, if you help in projects you best believe you are going to see a lot of that payout. I'm not going to take a lot from the payout, most will go to active members who have helped along the way, as I believe loyalty is the most important factor. I got kind've like courses to teach the inside outs of factions, grinding, economy, raiding, pvp, base building etc. I'm always open to help if anyone needs it.

Our Current Roster: Subject to change,

Owner: Adrian

Co-Leaders: Creeperism, uhnmki

Mods: DaRealKill, AnimalG8

Members: Adalva, Matthewr, Russian Guy, BlurpleDollar, SuperDuperDoug

Recruits: Jmart

If you would like to join, please fill this out (btw you're guaranteed to make it pretty much, but the more thorough you go with it the higher rank you could receive thank you!)

In game username:


Do you have a mic? (not required)

How active can you be?

Rate your Pvp: /10

Rate your Raiding Skills: /10

Rate Your Base Building Skills: /10

Why do you want to join us?


8 months ago

add insiding allowed tbh
[10:25 PM]
and ill tell u why
[10:26 PM]
It makes people not add randoms and make people build trust for rewards in their faction.
[10:26 PM]
If you are safe with your members and give them good benefits/feel welcome they wont inside
9 months ago

Make /island challenges and make an elytra the last item u complete or one of the lasts. And only make it obtainable from high paid ranks too. Skyblock needs an item that lots of people want and people can collectively grind for. One of the biggest problems with skyblock is that people don't comeback after their first few days.

9 months ago